Thursday, January 24, 2013

"what do you get from eating Christmas ornaments? Tinselitis...HAHAHAH"

 Jake swallowed to many Christmas Ornaments this year and had to get his tonsils removed. He was such a little trooper. He was a little nervous when we first arrived at the hospital but as soon as he warmed up he was having a great time.
 This is Grumpy...a little orange bear he received before going into surgery.
 He played Hide-n-seek while we were waiting to be taken back...he moved all the curtains so the nurses and doctors couldn't see him. Dr. Richards (Our Surgeon) played a round before taking Jake to the OR.
 Feeling a little emotional...I was worried how he and I would handle the final separation, but Jake helped me through by smiling the whole time...He was pretty excited to sport a new hat and go for a ride in the hospital bed.
Not so happy in recovery...he started sobbing when they brought us back to him...which broke my heart. I climbed up in bed with him to cuddle and hold him close and he soon calmed down after we got him to take some pain medication.  He has been groggy smiles ever since...eating Popsicles and watching ample TV.

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