Friday, January 11, 2013

In which Sam no longer wears diapers!!!

 Just a little Blag about my little Sam...I am so proud of him this week. I decided it was time to put more than a lackadaisical effort into potty training.  So I read an e-book about commando potty training your little guy in 3 days. I wasn't sure I could hack the intensity of having Sam literally at my side 24/7 to catch him in the act...but after changing big boy underwear seven times on the first day, having an accident on the coach, and pooping on the carpet in his room when I turned my back for like two seconds...Sam has only had one accident since. He is staying dry through the night and telling me when he needs to go. I really didn't think given Sam's disposition he would take to potty training this thanks for the miracle Sam. Mom is SOOOO PROUD!!!!
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