Friday, August 30, 2013

Coronado Beach Day 2013

 Sooooo....Addie and Jake had to have rolling backpacks this year and thanks to a sale at DownEast Home I was able to oblige them.  They were having so much fun wheeling them around the house pretending to go on vacation...that I thought. "We really should break these puppies in!"  What good is it being married to a pilot if you don't use your freakin' flight benefits. Of Course, so close to school starting the calendar was pretty tight...It would have to be out and back in one day. So Cal Beach we come.  I was hoping for the OC, so we could pal around with our JuJu and Gram, but flight loads got too tight and we ended up heading to San Diego.  We woke the kids up early, and caught the first flight out.  Riding the Employee bus to the terminal we actually met the Captian for our flight.  He invited to the kids to come hang out in the Flight Deck and boy did they ever.  They sat in the Captain's chair, wore his hat, and even talked on the PA. Little Delta wings were worn with pride the rest of the day.  I ran into an Old Mission Comp on the flight...who now resides in San Diego. What a crazy small world.
 We grabbed a rental car and headed to Coronado for the day. It was the perfect beach for the kids.  Just enough sand and surf.  We chased waves, buried each other in the sand, made a sand castle, and found sea shells by the sea shore. (HaHa..I couldn't help myself.) Delighted kids squealing and laughing, running and playing....just what we needed.
 Sand Monster....She brought some of the beach home with her.
 Jake and his "Carry On"!  We purchased a beach toy set that came in this great Dump Truck before we left...I told the kids I didn't think we could take the truck with us at the time of purchase...but Jake so earnestly pleaded his case...that Mama consented and it was properly stowed under his seat for both flights.
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