Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sam is offically 3!!! What a big boy!  He got the low-key Lighting McQueen family birthday bash this year.No Fancy McQeen cake ..I ran out of time, but those cupcakes do bare McQueen's racing number 95.(I think I might owe Sam a HUGE party after this year...but that could just be Mommy guilt talking cause Sam seemed thoroughly content with our merriment)   

Big Wheel for the Big Boy...now to keep the other Big Kids off long enough so Sam can ride it.

When we brought out this big box earlier in the day...Sam said, "Is that my Happy Birthday?!!"

Can you believe I get to kiss this adorable face everyday ?!!

Jake enduring...until the grandparents showed up for dinner.  He couldn't wait to get the party started.
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chayes said...

Sam is such a cutie pie! He really was excited for his birthday! We love our Sammie!💗💗